Michael Askew
Michael uses large format and digital cameras to capture images that are then output as digital prints or digital negatives for platinum prints.
Bruce Barnbaum
Bruce is a Master Photographer, teacher, environmentalist, and friend. Bruce produces silver gelatin prints are simply amazing,and have a real glow. He teaches several workshops around the world each year, including personal workshops in his home.
Joan Gentry
Joan's photographic images demonstrate a unique vision. She has a sense of organization and structure to her architectural and landscape photography. She is married to Don Kirby, and together they teach photographic workshops. She and Don demonstrate that rarely will two photographers see the same image in the same way.
Stephen Gledhill
Steve resides in England, but I don't hold that against him. In 2008 we traveled across England photographing cathedrals, churches, other structures, and landscapes. He uses a 5x4 camera with film, which he develops and then scans to produce digital black and white prints. He has a keen eye for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Roy Harrington
Roy was an early adopter of printing black and white images digitally. Frustrated with the limitations of printer drivers supplied with the printers he developed his own driver Quad Tone Rip (QTR). This extremely useful program has been adopted by many photographer around the world using Epson printers. His images are among the finest black and white digital prints I have seen.
Stu Levy
Stu is best known for his grid portraits; these are ingenious environmental portraits of well known and lesser known people. He is also an out standing landscape photographer.
Don Kirby
Don Kirby is a Master Photographer, great teacher, and a very good friend. His black and white prints convey a great feeling for the landscape. He and his wife, who is also an amazing photographer, co-teach field and darkroom workshops.
Ron Reeder
Ron is a fine photographer who works in silver gelatin, alternative processes, and digital printing techniques. He is possessed by an overactive imagination and a wry sense of humor that comes out in his photography. He adapted Roy Harrington's Quad Tone Rip to make desktop contact negatives for making alternative process prints. He is married to another great photographer, Judy Roan.
Judy Roan
 Judy is a bird enthusiast and has become an excellent bird photographer. She has honed her observational skills and is able to capture amazing details of birds from as close as her backyard home on Mercer Island, across the US, and exotic overseas locations. Her photographs of birds in action show a true feeling for the subject. She and her husband, Ron Reeder, are having way too much fun traveling and photographing!.


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